An Approved Provider to the World’s largest Registrars.  Our auditors are industry experts who specialize in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001, ISO/TS 16949, AS 9100, ISO 29001, ISO 27001, API Specification Q1, Q2 and API Product Specifications.  In addition to our auditors obtaining their IRCA and Exemplar qualifications, they undergo extensive training which consist of hundreds of additional hours on the specification, on-the-job training, competency assessments and 3rd party independent evaluations.  While our audits are not easy, they add organizational value , helping our clients improve internal efficiencies while minimizing their internal and external risks.

Some of the audits that we specialize include:

Management System Audits


Global Supply Chain Audits

We specialize in supplier audits and procurement processes.  You receive 3rd party validation and rating for your suppliers.  Our auditors are also trained in all the common procurement practices and requirements, and can audit against your specific company requirements as well as the different specifications and standards that you require compliance against.  If you prefer, we can also use your audit reports, regardless of the report or type of audit our auditors are insured, certified and have decades of experience.

Process Audits


Product Audits

Our product audits are technical in nature and conducted by both certified auditor and subject matter experts.  We specialize in auditing all of the API product specifications, which covers about 7% of all oilfield equipment used in the oil and gas industry.  In addition, we audit more 70% of the products that are not associated with API product specifications.  This include all products, materials, equipment and software that is used in Petroleum & Natural Gas Industry. 

Compliance Audits

Accreditation Audits for Education & Training


3rd Party Registration Audits

Our certification audits are done under top ranked Registrars around the globe who have been accredited by ANAB for their respective industry segments.  Our auditors follow the rules of the Registrar while bringing our vast industry experience and auditor competency’s to their clients.  Wollam Auditing Services is a highly sought after Approved Provider.

Industry Certificates & Certifications

Wollam Auditing Services, offers the entire spectrum of options when it comes to Industry recognized Certificates and Certifications.  From Certificates of Conformance to Regional Accreditation.  All of our programs are recognized in the Industry that we service and backed by Trade Organization.


Support Staffs

We provide Internal Management System Audits for our clients.  Having a 3rd party accredited company with certified auditor who specialize in your industry sector adds a level of integrity to your program at a fraction of the cost of hiring and maintaining personnel to perform these function.  We specialize in Management System Standards, including: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001, ISO/TS 16949, AS 9100, ISO 29001, ISO 27001, API Specification Q1, Q2 and API Product Specifications.

  Your Compliance and Auditing Source

Our compliance audits focus on legal requirements that includes both statutory and regulatory requirements.  This includes Occupational Health & Safety regulations, Environmental regulations, and ISO, SEMS and API specifications. 

Conflict of Interest (COI)

Our process audits are far more than simply following a trail through a department from inputs to outputs. Our process audits are an examination of the results that determine whether activities, resources and behaviors are managed effectively and efficiently and achieves planned results. Our process audits result in a series of recommendation that improve service quality, HSE, process efficiencies, product and service reliability. 

We take pride in our qualification process.  Each of our auditors obtain their Practitioner or Professional credentials for the standards they audit against, in addition to their IRCA and Exemplar certifications.  Upon completion of the standard training, they must complete our accredited Technical Application for Lead Auditors (TALA) where they join a team of auditors while our subject matter experts conduct both formative and summative assessments throughout the audit, evaluating their knowledge, skills, abilities (competencies) and professionalism.   In addition, all of our auditors are required to complete a minimum number of audits per year and obtain Continuing Education Units (CEUs) related to the standards they audit. 


Our auditors are supported by a support team that ensures everything from travel to answering any technical questions they may have.  Our support team is available 24 hours to our auditors, so regardless of what part of the world they audit they are always supported.  We have auditors in North America, South America, Europe, China, Russia and the Middle East. 

Auditing Training Credentials & Professional Development

We specialize in education, training and competencies and help organizations achieve IACET accreditation.  Our IACET audits are not only about compliance but help organization improve their education processes, learning environments and continual improvement.  These specialized audits are conducted by our Master Educators who are not only skilled auditors but have a minimum of a Master’s degree in education with 10 plus years of work experience. 

Wollam Auditing Services, LLC has a robust Conflict of Interest (COI) process that has been vetted and approved by our legal team.  It consists of an Internal Review Committee (IRC) who reviews all audit assignments.  Our auditors are thoroughly trained in the COI process and receive a COI verification checklist from the IRC through DocuSign.  The COI verification checklist is then validated by the IRC prior to accepting the audit assignment.  Should there be a perceived conflict, our client is notified and the audit is reassigned.   Our COI procedures and process are available upon request.