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Registered Professional Network (RPN)

RPN number and network available to all your participants

Accredited Approved Providers

Just not any company or trainer can become a Wollam Groups approved provider.  Our approved providers have completed an intensive vetting process. Their credentials and experience has been validated.  Upon completing the vetting process, each trainer is required to undergo our industry best Train-the-Trainer program.  Training consist of them working with our subject matter experts, professors and master educators learning the programs and being able to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding.  Upon completion of their training, they are required to teach with our professors and undergo evaluations by our master educators.  Upon successful completion, they are granted their approved training provider status and their license. 

Our approved providers remain current and stay up to date with industry, specification, standards and programs they have been authorized to teach.   They receive support from Wollam Groups and attend quarterly review meetings to ensure our standards are being met.  Authorized providers will bear our approved provider logo and will be listed on our website. 

Benefits of Licensee

Train-the-Trainer Program


Industry Best Training Programs & Materials


24 Hour Support

24 hour support from Industry Experts & Educators

Hardbound Text Books

Programs Designed To Meet IACET Accreditation Standards

Zero Royalty Fees

You keep all your profits.

Use of Wollam Groups Training Approved Provider Logo

Use of Wollam Groups Accredited Approved Provider Logo

Organization Accreditation

Organization accreditation options available – USE of IACET Marks upon receiving accreditation

If you are interested to become licensee, please completing the application form below. ​​

High Grade Professional Credentials & Diploma Covers

In order to be listed as an Accredited Approved Provider, Licensee must meet all of the IACET Standards; undergo a gap assessment against the IACET Standard and course requirements by Wollam Groups; apply to, pass a 3rd party audit and be accredited by IACET.   Those that successfully complete accreditation process and are approved by IACET will be eligible to issue out the accredited Continuing Education Units (CEUs) that go along with the courses and use the IACET Logo.  In order to remain an Accredited Approved Provider status for Wollam Groups you will have to maintain the IACET requirements, remain in good standing with IACET and pass an annual audit by Wollam Groups, LLC.  This ensure the integrity of the programs.   ​​

Benefits of Accreditation include issuing out CEUs and courses prices are typically 30% higher.  ​​