Course Dates

  • ​ Houston, TX-US (Feb. 27- 28)  
  • Houston, TX-US (April 20-21) 
  • Houston, TX-US (June 22-23) 
  • Houston, TX-US (Aug. 17-18) 
  • Houston, TX-US (Oct. 22-23)
  • Houston, TX-US (Dec. 14-15) 

ISO 9001:2015 Generalist - 1 Day, 0.8 CEU

This is the most advanced auditing course and teaches skilled and qualified auditors on how to audit the specification.  This includes auditing a full management system with a skilled audit team made up of lead auditors and industry SMEs.  Upon completion, the audit committee reviews and scores the audit.  In order to enter into these programs, participants must have completed the ISO 9001 Fundamentals or Practitioner and must have audit experience.  Upon completion, the participant receives their Registered Professional Number (RPN™), leather-bound credentials and 1.5 accredited CEUs.  This program meets all competency requirements due to the accreditation, skills and competency assessment and examination.

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This course is our most coveted ISO 9001 course as participants earn the designation of a Certified Practitioner.  The program is fully accredited and meets competency requirements.  Upon completion, participants receive their Registered Professional Number (RPN™), leather bound credentials, ISO 9001 Practitioner designation, license and 3.2 accredited CEUs.  This program is designed for quality and HSE personnel, auditors, managers responsible to oversee their management systems.

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Course Dates

  •  Houston, TX-US (Feb. 24-26) 
  • Houston, TX-US (April 15-17) 
  • Houston, TX-US (Aug. 19-21)
  • Houston, TX-US (Sept.30 - Oct.2)
  • Houston, TX-US (Nov.30 - Dec.2)

ISO 9001:2015 Technical Application for Lead Auditor - 2 Days, 1.5 CEUs

This course covers the entire standard and includes practical applications, skills assessments, and knowledge checks.  Upon completion, the participants receive their Registered Professional Number (RPN™), leather bound credentials and 2.5 accredited CEUs. This program meets competency requirements due to the accredited CEUs, practical applications, skills assessment, and examination.  This program is designed for anyone who has a responsibility to deploy, implement or maintain their management systems, to include support functions and operations.

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Course Dates​​

  • ​ Houston, TX-US (Feb. 17-20) 
  • Houston, TX-US (April 21-24) 
  • Houston, TX-US (June 15-18)
  • Houston, TX-US (Aug.11-14)
  • Houston, TX-US (Oct. 5-9)
  • Houston, TX-US (Dec. 8-11)

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ISO 9001:2015 Fundamentals - 3 Days, 2.5 CEUs


ISO 9001:2015 Practitioner - 4 Days, 3.2 CEUs

This course was designed to provide an organization an awareness of the standard.  It also meets the requirements for training for support functions, such as procurement, contracts, sales, engineering, demand management, finance, human resources, operations, field coordinators, supervisors, and managers.  Upon completion, participants receive 0.8 accredited CEUs and a certificate of completion.  This program meets competency requirements due to the accredited CEUs and knowledge assessment conducted during the course. 

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