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Duration - 3 Days, 2.5 CEUs

*Dates and location subject to change based on enrollment numbers.

Who Should Attend

Any person who is involved in competency assessment.  There is no prior experience required to attend this training. 

​​Course Credentials​​

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This course was designed to qualify individuals to work with competency assessment and to perform as an assessor in various assessment situations. The objective of the training is to familiarize the participants with the conceptual, scientific and practical foundation of this technique.  This program covered the psychology rules of learning; the competency assessment process, including observation skills, interview techniques, competency testing, interpreting competency results and how to utilize competency alert systems.

This program uses the latest teaching methodologies for ensuring each participant learns how to conduct effective assessments, including how to utilize the five senses (sight, sound, smell, touch and taste) independently and in combination and how to apply them during an assessment. 


Upon completion, you will receive a certification with a unique registration number issued by Wollam Groups, be listed in the Industry Registered Professional Network™. 


Course Dates

  • ​ Houston, TX  (April 1-3)
  • Houston, TX  (June 29 -July 1)
  •  Houston, TX  (Oct.26-28)​

  • Summarize an overview of the Competency Assessor Program 
  • Describe the Competency Assessment  
  • Describe the competency simplified process
  • Demonstrate interviewing skills          
  • State the requirements for interpreting competency results  

  • Describe the Psychology of Learning
  • Describe the Competency Alert System  
  • Demonstrate observation skills
  • Recite competency testing requirements
  • Demonstrate competency assessment skills

​Summary of Learning Outcomes